zaterdag 8 juli 2017

8 juli.....

Lieve mama alweer 6 jaar zonder jou.....

My dear mom 6 years without you....

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Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

Hallo lieve Ria!

For me in June, on the American Father's Day, it made 30 years since my mother died. It's never easy. The grief changes, but it never goes away.

I send you my hugs dearest Ria. How I miss you! I wish you were on Instagram.


Have a happy weekend Ria :)
Love from Titti

♥ Ɓucja-Maria ♥ zei

Dear Ria!
I know you miss your mom very much.
Kisses and greetings.

vrouw Hommel zei

Is het alweer 6 jaar !! Ik weet nog dat je het schreef. En ook al leeft mijn moeder nog ik kan mij het gemis zo voorstellen.....het blijft een leegte denk ik .....liefs 💜💜💜

Blondie's Journal zei

Your puppy is growing so fast. Both look like best friends!!! Beautiful!

Jane x

Dieneke zei

Ondanks dit gemis....een mooie zondag!
Sterkte Ria😘

Pippa's Hus zei

Wat gaat de tijd snel he? Sterkte deze dag. XX Esther

Sylvia zei

Sterkte, lieve Ria,
ik denk aan je ...

Red Rose Alley zei

Hold on tight to your memories, Ria. Your mom will be with you always. It's been nine years since my mom left this world, and I think about her all the time. : )

Your mom raised such a lovely daughter. : )


Draffin Bears zei

Hi Ria,

Sending hugs to you dear friend.
Time does heal a little but I know how hard it is and yes, remember the happy memories to help you.